hello all

im having troubles with that vfw thing
i was trying to make that webcam example and stuff
but i dont have the correct vfw32.inc or msvfw32.inc

there are 2 of them
i guess i should have : msvfw32.inc
cause it must have all constants ( ie : WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT ) ...

can someone provide that to me?
Posted on 2006-06-14 17:02:46 by GR33d
The windows.inc file should contain VFW equates. The vfw32.inc file contains only protos for exported functions (as long as we're talking about MASM include files as they are in the MASM32 package). Make sure to grab the latest windows.inc file from its source - ask Google for "WINDOWS.INC Project" (including quotes)
Posted on 2006-06-14 18:47:45 by Morris
now its ok
cause there was a new version of MASM v9 thanks
the windows.inc has the CAP constants


looks like my winXP SP2 doesnt have the vfw32.dll !!!
where can i find it?

oh, shouldnt i be using the msvfw32.dll ? cause i was debuggin one of the webcam programs that i have and it calls msvfw32.dll and not vfw32.dll ....

im confused

thanks again
Posted on 2006-06-15 12:43:09 by GR33d
i heard that scronty has a vfw32.lib witch is a static library
arround 30kb and not 70kb (as the masm comes with witch requires the vfw32.dll)

does anyone has it?

i also pm him for it

Posted on 2006-06-15 19:19:03 by GR33d
The vfw32.lib from the PlatformSDK (the one that comes with VS2003 anyway) is 32kb - there's also a 29kb msvfw32.lib. So... if you're not on dialup, grab the PlatformSDK :)
Posted on 2006-06-16 04:38:03 by f0dder
god no haha

i have visual c# and c++ 2005 express...

but why they dont come with that includes? even windows.h!!!!
probably the c++ 2005 express would come .. wouldnt?

but it doesnt :(

ill find my PlatformSDK arround here hah
thx f0dder
Posted on 2006-06-16 08:41:52 by GR33d

found it at : \VC98\Lib\VFW32.LIB

in my visual studio 6.0 hah

thanks indeed

but why vcpp 2005 express doesnt came with all the includes?
Posted on 2006-06-16 08:44:44 by GR33d
The express edition is mainly targetted at .net coding, as far as I know. You need to download the PlatformSDK separately... that way, people just wanting to write .NET stuff don't need the additional download size.

At least that's my guess :)
Posted on 2006-06-16 08:46:42 by f0dder
thats y
i was reading the download page for cpp express 2005
it says to download the "Windows® Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK Web Install" :)


im downloading it
Posted on 2006-06-16 08:50:27 by GR33d