You guys have seen that the RegEdit.exe does not have the LVS_EDITLABELS style in the value explorer, maybe not explicitly because if you click on a value and after a second click again it wouldnt let you rename the value, but you have to press F2 or right click -> rename. how can do something like that with a list view? Can anybody help please?
Posted on 2006-06-15 04:53:26 by XCHG
at first styles can be changed at runtime.
at second there is a subclassing technic with child editbox to edit any cell of listview.
Posted on 2006-06-15 05:07:38 by Shoo
If you don't want the items to be edit by left-clicking on them, just make sure you do not include the LVS_EDITLABELS style when creating the ListView control. Then, at run time, you can edit any item at any time by sending the LVM_EDITLABEL message to the ListView control. Have a look at the Win32 help or MSDN.


Posted on 2006-06-15 09:23:50 by rsala
hell yeah, LVM_EDITLABEL, that's what i wanted. thanks guys
Posted on 2006-06-16 05:06:22 by XCHG