Hello guys. So, I'm in trouble with BIOS and I need some advice.
First of all, I  pondered how I could write a bios flash program, when I was codding a SMBIOS Info dumper. Then, I looked up Google but I couldn't find any adequent resource/article/reference.
I want to ask you those;
what type is bios's eeprom ? what is her flashing voltage ? if it is 12.75, how can I raise it ?
how can I access BIOS's pins ?

Where can I find reference ?
I'm experienced in eeprom flashing, can I flash my BIOS with a parallel eeprom flasher ?

Thank for your time
Posted on 2006-06-16 03:47:00 by Geryon
Humm, as far as I can guesstimate, eeprom type and such differs a bit from motherboard to motherboard. There's at least two flashers, one for award and one for amibios - and perhaps more than one for each.

It should be possible flashing a BIOS with an external device. Heck, I've even heard of people using network cards to flash BIOSes (and the other way around).

But as for actual info - sorry, no idea :)
Posted on 2006-06-16 04:40:40 by f0dder
As f0dder implied, the best way to burn bios is to flash them in place.
Look for motherboards with a secondary 'failsafe' bios.
These are ideal for burning bios images using the secondary bios ic socket as the 'target' and just running anoem bios update executable.
Writing your own bios flashing software is fairly straightforward, but I'm afraid that explaining it in detail is outside the scope of this forum.
Posted on 2006-06-16 06:08:21 by Homer