Dear Sir:
Forgive me if this question does not belong here.

I have a bitmap (the Letter A in a square) and I want to
pick it up and move it to anyplace on the screen and
drop it. Petzold has no samples of this & neither does
Iczelion. I am using Hutches MASM32. His examples do
not cover my problm either. If you know where I could
find an example it would be appreciated.

J. P. Shankle
Posted on 2001-07-19 09:26:39 by shankle
Are you trying to do this in full screen?
Posted on 2001-07-19 14:14:40 by comrade
It would be great if you provided more specifics on what you are trying to do.
Posted on 2001-07-19 17:57:05 by comrade
The closest thing I have found as an example of dragging
and Dropping is the Solitaire Game in Windows 98.

What I need is sample code for MASM32 that does the same

J. P. Shankle
Posted on 2001-07-26 13:23:56 by shankle