MASM HLS textequ <"Masm High level Syntax"> ;)

What is it ?
A dll for use in your asm editing prog.
i believe it to be the only one of it kind!

Whats it do?
It attempts to auto format MASM HLS source
code to my asm standard writing style
so i can read and use other people's sources

btw In the testformat.exe program, the print function is replaced by auto format and should not be considered a 'proper' editor its just use to show what the dll does. enjoy...........
Posted on 2006-07-01 19:01:01 by asmrixstar
Might be more useful if we were actually writing code for you. We all have our own coding style, and we're not going to adapt your style just because you made a DLL that formats the MASM high level syntax into whatever style you use.
Posted on 2006-07-01 20:06:01 by Bobbias
Is this just a joke?

Posted on 2006-07-02 02:29:43 by Zcoder
Usually a joke isn't written in a form that sounds like it came from an online translator... It makes it hard to understand the joke.
Posted on 2006-07-02 02:31:06 by Bobbias
If it's not a joke, then I would look at it as being
one sided.

Posted on 2006-07-02 02:40:41 by Zcoder
Asmrixstar wrote a tool converting messed up source code to (for him) regular source code. Also it converts spaces to tabs and aligns data and constants to where he wants it. He probably got fed up doing those operations manually and wrote himself a tool to do the job. I applaud you.

He shares it out of kindness and in belief someone would like/need it. If you don't need it there is no need to be a jerk about it.
Posted on 2006-07-02 02:57:33 by JimmyClif
--- Edited at request ---
I aplogise for the insulting nature of my message, I didn't mean to come across as such an ass. I'll admit that in and of itself, the tool is kinda interesting, and I would consider using something similar to it if maybe it was able to recieve a file specifying the formatting instructions so that you could customize it to your own code; that would be more useful than a program set only to parse everything into one style.
Posted on 2006-07-02 03:02:51 by Bobbias

This is the sortof tool you write for yourself, but don't really share, because of the fact that unelss someone else codes the exact same way you code, then this is basically useless.

Then again, sharing the tool allows others to see "how" to make such a tool. Just because *you* are not interested, does not mean that *others* are not.
Posted on 2006-07-02 03:48:18 by SpooK
Alright, I agree with that, but I also say that he should have made it look as though that was his point in releasing it. The way he posted that message, it was as though he expected everyone to all of a sudden use that and convert all their code to his style and wite like him.
Posted on 2006-07-02 04:39:15 by Bobbias
LMAO, Flipping heck! :shock:
Didn't expect this kind of response!  :lol:

Yeah,zcoder,you're correct its an entirely self-centred program, I make no bones about that!
Im not trying to change anyones coding style. But i simply refuse to accept that in a forum of hundreds of users that not one person codes in the same 'style' as me.Also the fact that its already been downloaded 7 time in x hours suggests that this tool is at least interesting to people.Interesting enough to develop further from BETA at least.....

You can think of this version as me testing the waters regarding further development since im not gonna put in a load of options ill never use for people who'll never download the program!

I'm a lazy sod by design and practise so i look at this way. If it formats 80% of your code the way you like it then use it! Thats 80% of the work done for you. :D
If it doesnt then for the time being at least dont use it. :sad:

I also stated in the (thrown together) readme that the main engine is due for massive overhaul.Its currently crude and slow(But still faster than you/me! :D)
But the new versions design allows for alot more customization.

The source code for that version will be released during developmen as soon as its up and running,so you'll be able to mod that if you prefer.

Now throw me a smile if ya think ive satisfied your question!  ;)  :P
Posted on 2006-07-02 06:56:40 by asmrixstar
Yeah, maybe you could get it to a point where it could format any text to any kind of preferred coding style. Make Tabs to Spaces or vice-versa. Change indents, Formats comments a certain way. Who knows? And that all optional and configurable.
Posted on 2006-07-02 07:03:50 by JimmyClif
;)thats now the plan...
Posted on 2006-07-02 07:12:59 by asmrixstar
i searched a long time ago a free code beautifier  :D ... seems to be the one  :O...

but my preference goes to 2 space char in place of 1 tab

waiting for the next version.  :)

Posted on 2006-07-02 07:51:47 by BasilYercin
thx and that option should be too hard.. :)
'free code beautifier' I like that! (prolly would have been called that but i cant spell beautifier!)  ;)
Posted on 2006-07-02 08:11:28 by asmrixstar
All is ok really.
I myself would have wrote it to fix the source without
really trying to inject any style.

Posted on 2006-07-02 13:19:46 by Zcoder
Posted on 2006-07-02 13:29:07 by asmrixstar
Once again, sorry for being a little surly and opinionated there, but if you work this thing into a customizable proggie that can change any code into any style, then it would definately be a very useful program then. I'd even use it, since sometimes I copy/paste little bits of code out of things and since people use theor own style, I need to manually convert it, so running that program could make things much quicker for me.
Posted on 2006-07-03 12:30:07 by Bobbias
I second JimmyClif. And I think that his way of formatting overlaps a lot with most of the community's taste. With my style, the overlap is 90% .
asmrixstar, nice app - keep it up
Posted on 2006-07-03 15:09:31 by Ultrano
yeah, im posting again with no app to show for it!  :P

I a little snowed atm with my logokiller for dscaler (for a real world m8) but i should be sickofit/finished in the next few days so bare with me.

Programing the version at the top of this thread taught me loads.
I've been thinking about it alot and i have it completly programmed
in my head,I just need to put it to disk! I know that sounds daft but its true!
:D :D :D

also: Bobbias I think that was my problem not yours,sorry
(Id had a few brewski and wanted to fight the world! :))
Posted on 2006-07-04 21:54:44 by asmrixstar
lol, well, I have a habbit of being a little more opinionated than I want to be at 3AM maybe it was a little bit of the both of us.

In any case, this might be something I'll download if it is configurable, since i tend to copy a lot of code right now, and I use tabs like mad, so I guess this could end up being quite handy.
Posted on 2006-07-05 03:09:04 by Bobbias