I have just installed HLA... I already had masm32 installed.  I changed the environment variables as per the guide yet I am getting this error when trying to compile my first sample program.  Any ideas? 
Posted on 2006-07-07 09:00:34 by senor_smile
Post your sample program and let's see what we can do :)
Posted on 2006-07-07 09:44:35 by JimmyClif
program HelloWorld;

#include( "stdlib.hhf" )

begin HelloWorld;

stdout.put( "Hello, World of Assembly Language", nl );

end HelloWorld;

This is the sample program from the HLA AOA guide.  I installed HLA on another machine and it seems to be working fine.  I believe it may be that the first machine has windows  installed to D: instead of C:.  I changed all of the system variables to reflect D: but is there somewhere that HLA could be referring to C: still?  Thanks again and sorry about the ignorance. 
Posted on 2006-07-07 10:04:13 by senor_smile
Ok, here's the exact error I'm getting.  Maybe someone can help:

C:\prog>hla -v hi
HLA (High Level Assembler)
Released to the public domain by Randall Hyde.
Version Version 1.85 build 8261 (prototype)2
Win32 COFF output2
Using MASM assembler
MASM output
-test active

HLA Lib Path:    c:\hla\hlalib\hlalib.lib
HLA include path: c:\hla\include
HLA temp path:2
Linker Lib Path:  lib=c:\masm32\lib;c:\hla\hlalib%lib%;c:\hla\hlalib

1: hi.hla

Compiling 'hi.hla' to 'hi.asm'
using command line
HLA (High Level Assembler) Parser
Released to the public domain by Randall Hyde.
Version Version 1.85 build 8260 (prototype)
-t active
File: hi.hla
Output Path: ""

Compiling "hi.hla"2 to "hi.asm"
Error in file "os.hhf" at line 5 :
Expected ';', encountered 'namespace'.
Near: << namespace >>

Error in file "stdin.hhf" at line 352 :
Macro called in file "hi.hla" at line 13
stdin.get: Unknown data type (i:).
Near: << ) >>
E2rror in file "hi.hla" at line 15 :
syntax error, unexpected UndefID.
Near: << i >>

Compilation complete, 7285 lines,  0.048 seconds,  151771 lines/second
Posted on 2006-07-12 14:38:00 by senor_smile
Oh sorry, I've been busy and forgot about it. I did talk to Randy recently and he's also been pretty busy as of late so he's concentrating mainly on the yahoo groups AoA support.

Here's the link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aoaprogramming/ Hopefully you'll get this worked out quicker over there.

Posted on 2006-07-12 15:17:54 by JimmyClif
The odd thing is that I'm seeing the number '2' in several places, including for your temp path.  Does this reflect your environment?

Posted on 2006-07-16 13:02:23 by Kain