how can I restrict CTRL+ALT+DEL and ALT+TAB+CTRL+ESC keys?
I know one way by SystemParametersInfo() but it don't work under Windows XP. Are there any other ways ???

Thanks, Nordwind.
Posted on 2001-12-22 06:59:21 by Nordwind64
First of all it is not recomended to restrict system keys, this can make the system unstable and /or frustrated users...

But if you have a legitimate motive... (i wonder what could that be...besides a full screen game :) ) one way to do it it this:

1. Stop the message loop
2.use DirectX
-setup Directdraw in full screen exclusive mode,it has a flag called AllowReboot that will prevent the user from pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del
-use DirectInput again in exclusive mode to deal with keyboard an mouse events also preventing Alt+tab and Ctrl+Esc here
-update the screen yourself :)

this are hard ways to do it ... but they work fine
and without drivers

This is the profesional wat to do it:
You can also make a VXD for Win9x and a kernel mode driver for NT/Win2K to filter those keys system wide (but this may need a restart on kernel mode)

check www.systeminternals.com for a Ctrl2Cap keyboard filter driver, surely you can adapt it a little to do this job ...
Posted on 2001-12-22 08:35:15 by BogdanOntanu