trying to make a minimal skeleton, no hardware rendering needs to take place, only need to get d3d9 caps before starting software textureprocessing/generation to file, to get max texturesize on system etc, max aviable memory for textures

caps    D3DCAPS9 <0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,\

should this be pcall, icall, invoke or what?

want help with this, after that I will share a skeleton, with a main sourcefile, calling a example proc in separate .inc file for anyone to be able to write their own procedural texturegeneration or modify existing textures for example downsize existing textures for lower end systems

for example homers earlier blend together different textures, could be made to file and scaled/smoothed to better hardware
Posted on 2006-07-08 07:49:59 by daydreamer
If it's in ATC, it works here for me

set g_pD3D as IDirect3D9
set g_pd3dDevice as IDirect3DDevice9
mov g_pD3D,$invoke(Direct3DCreate9,D3D_SDK_VERSION)
pcall g_pD3D.GetDeviceCaps,D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT,D3DDEVTYPE_HAL,addr caps
print caps[4*22] ;MaxTextureWidth=2048

Posted on 2006-07-08 09:39:03 by Ultrano
its ATC
its not my lucky day
first its syntax error with caps D3D9 data, I define the struct but it complains its too complex

Posted on 2006-07-08 13:28:00 by daydreamer
If you can't figurre it out, show me the following:
-Your D3DCAPS9 struct definition
-Your IDirect3D9 interface definition

I'll compare them to mine and let you know what the issue is.
Posted on 2006-07-08 22:10:58 by Homer

If you can't figurre it out, show me the following:
-Your D3DCAPS9 struct definition
-Your IDirect3D9 interface definition

I'll compare them to mine and let you know what the issue is.

I just define D3DCAPS9 struct with 69 dwords, as I saw in dx9 sdk
IDirect3D9 is from your older ATC/DX9 skeleton and already works with rendering and the other interfaces, I guess bug can be in includefile?
Posted on 2006-07-08 23:02:32 by daydreamer
This struct appears twice within D3DCAPS9

  Caps                      dword  ?
  DynamicFlowControlDepth  dword  ?
  NumTemps                  dword  ?
  StaticFlowControlDepth    dword  ?

Here's my D3DCAPS9 struct

D3DCAPS9 struct
; Device Info
  DeviceType                dword  ?
  AdapterOrdinal            dword  ?
; Caps from DX7 Draw
  Caps                      dword  ?
  Caps2                    dword  ?
  Caps3                    dword  ?
  PresentationIntervals    dword  ?
; Cursor Caps
  CursorCaps                dword  ?
; 3D Device Caps
  DevCaps                  dword  ?
  PrimitiveMiscCaps        dword  ?
  RasterCaps                dword  ?
  ZCmpCaps                  dword  ?
  SrcBlendCaps              dword  ?
  DestBlendCaps            dword  ?
  AlphaCmpCaps              dword  ?
  ShadeCaps                dword  ?
  TextureCaps              dword  ?
  TextureFilterCaps        dword  ?  ;D3DPTFILTERCAPS for IDirect3DTexture9's
  CubeTextureFilterCaps    dword  ?  ;D3DPTFILTERCAPS for IDirect3DCubeTexture9's
  VolumeTextureFilterCaps  dword  ?  ;D3DPTFILTERCAPS for IDirect3DVolumeTexture9's
  TextureAddressCaps        dword  ?  ;D3DPTADDRESSCAPS for IDirect3DTexture9's
  VolumeTextureAddressCaps  dword  ?  ;D3DPTADDRESSCAPS for IDirect3DVolumeTexture9's
  LineCaps                  dword  ?  ;D3DLINECAPS
  MaxTextureWidth          dword  ?
  MaxTextureHeight          dword  ?
  MaxVolumeExtent          dword  ?
  MaxTextureRepeat          dword  ?
  MaxTextureAspectRatio    dword  ?
  MaxAnisotropy            dword  ?
  MaxVertexW                FLOAT  ?
  GuardBandLeft            FLOAT  ?
  GuardBandTop              FLOAT  ?
  GuardBandRight            FLOAT  ?
  GuardBandBottom          FLOAT  ?
  ExtentsAdjust            FLOAT  ?
  StencilCaps              dword  ?
  FVFCaps                  dword  ?
  TextureOpCaps            dword  ?
  MaxTextureBlendStages    dword  ?
  MaxSimultaneousTextures  dword  ?
  VertexProcessingCaps      dword  ?
  MaxActiveLights          dword  ?
  MaxUserClipPlanes        dword  ?
  MaxVertexBlendMatrices    dword  ?
  MaxVertexBlendMatrixIndex dword  ?
  MaxPointSize              FLOAT  ?
  MaxPrimitiveCount        dword  ?  ;Max number of primitives per DrawPrimitive call
  MaxVertexIndex            dword  ?
  MaxStreams                dword  ?
  MaxStreamStride          dword  ?  ;Max stride for SetStreamSource
  VertexShaderVersion      dword  ?
  MaxVertexShaderConst      dword  ?  ;Number of vertex shader constant registers
  PixelShaderVersion        dword  ?
  PixelShader1xMaxValue    FLOAT  ?  ;Max value storable in registers of ps.1.x shaders
; Here are the DX9 specific ones
  DevCaps2                  dword  ?
  MaxNpatchTessellationLevel FLOAT  ?
  Reserved5                dword  ?
  MasterAdapterOrdinal      dword  ?  ;Ordinal of master adaptor for adapter group
  AdapterOrdinalInGroup    dword  ?  ;Ordinal inside the adapter group
  NumberOfAdaptersInGroup  dword  ?  ;Number of adapters in this adapter group (only if master)
  DeclTypes                dword  ?  ;Data types, supported in vertex declarations
  NumSimultaneousRTs        dword  ?  ;Will be at least 1
  StretchRectFilterCaps    dword  ?  ;Filter caps supported by StretchRect
  VS20Caps D3DVSHADERCAPS2_0 <?>
  PS20Caps D3DPSHADERCAPS2_0 <?>
  VertexTextureFilterCaps  dword  ?  ;D3DPTFILTERCAPS for IDirect3DTexture9's for texture, used in vertex shaders
  MaxVShaderInstructionsExecuted    dword  ?  ;Maximum number of vertex shader instructions that can be executed
  MaxPShaderInstructionsExecuted    dword  ?  ;Maximum number of pixel shader instructions that can be executed
  MaxVertexShader30InstructionSlots dword  ?
  MaxPixelShader30InstructionSlots  dword  ?
D3DCAPS9 ends

That should sort the problem out.
If not, we'll doublecheck the interface definition too, my ATC includes for DX9.0a had a few small bugs, my current ones are 9.0c

Posted on 2006-07-08 23:24:05 by Homer
Remember to set the structure's size BEFORE calling GetCaps. In one of the topics here in this board I have explained this VERY THOROUGHLY, so feel free to check it out.
Posted on 2006-07-09 02:39:22 by ti_mo_n
uhm, D3DCAPS9 and size? No, you needn't/can't set its size. I checked the DX9 SDK examples, no such thing needed/possible. Since the IDirect3D9 class, that I have here, works perfectly, I figured I should share it again (see attachment).

Parameters' number isn't defined (lazy me), and D3DCAPS9 isn't defined either, but you can either define them yourself (only if necessary), or just have the documentation/headers as a reference while coding (which you have to do anyway).

Btw, Homer, I finally understood the beauty of Matrix4x4 and Quaternions :) ... I had to make a good camera - and mathematically it was impossible without matrices. But still, I use the shortcut of Vec6 (vec3 for position, vec3 for ZYX rotation)  in the initial stage of computing world-coordinates of parented meshes. (it's still a bit faster - and I damn need any extra cycles, since I'm already pushing near the theoretical limit of these PDA devices :( )

Btw, I have a (rather) complete importer of scene+animation data of .lws (lightwave scene) files - I can share to anyone interested via email :) .
Posted on 2006-07-09 12:11:33 by Ultrano

uhm, D3DCAPS9 and size? No, you needn't/can't set its size. I checked the DX9 SDK examples, no such thing needed/possible.

You're right. Let's just say that I was too sleepy :mrgreen:
Posted on 2006-07-10 06:14:03 by ti_mo_n
I myself have a tonne of such posts, np ;)
Posted on 2006-07-10 09:02:31 by Ultrano