Hi @ll,
I'm currently working on a AboutBox. It's purpose is to show a window in which a text is scrolled from the bottom to the top. Finally the background shall be black and the text some kind of yellow or red. So far so good, I started a test program that creates a window and trys to scroll the text, as already said. Somehow it seems not to repaint the window while using DrawText to output the credits :(.

Here's my code:

;Initializing the timer and the rectangle
invoke GetWindowRect, hWin, addr Rct
mov Rct.left, 200
mov Rct.right, 200

invoke SetTimer, hWin, NULL, 100, NULL

;And heres the routine responding to WM_TIMER
invoke GetDC, hWin
mov hDC, eax

invoke SetBkMode, hDC, TRANSPARENT
invoke DrawText, hDC, addr szCredits, -1, addr Rct, DT_CENTER or DT_NOCLIP
sub Rct.top, 2
invoke ReleaseDC, hWnd, hDC

Any help is appreciated,

P.S.: Here's a screenshot so you can see my problem without compiling this ;) :
Posted on 2001-12-22 13:08:01 by DaEagle99
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Posted on 2001-12-22 13:39:14 by roy