I've been trying to obtain a copy of TASM 5.0, yet haven't had much luck. If anyone could provide a link to a website that provides the assemblers, linkers, and debuggers (for 16- and 32- bit), I'd be very greatfull.

Thank you.
Posted on 2001-12-22 14:10:38 by skg
TASM is commercial... I think, you mean to "buy" when you wrote "obtain". Goto http://www.inprise.com
But if you're a newbie you should start with MASM, because it's the most used assembler, it's still supported (by hutch :alright: ), and Microsoft continues the developing (MASM 7.x in .NET).

And, last but not least, you've this great Board with it's great members :grin:
Posted on 2001-12-22 14:25:47 by bazik
you can get tasm for free in the borland c/c++ compiler 5.5, that is distributed free

i dunno the url, but if you goes to protools.cjb.net, enter compilers, and search for "borland c" you surely will find the right url

Posted on 2001-12-22 14:56:41 by ancev