Sometimes very useful source code gets posted but disappears out of sight just way too soon. To prevent them from being forgotten they will get added in this list over time.

Ultrano's SaveState Library
Description: An easy way to automatically save/restore data on exit and on startup.
(Masm) - (Public Domain)

Static To Hyperlink by bitRAKE
Description: Modifies the properties of a given static text to act like a hyperlink.

NaN's Masked Edit Control
Description: An Edit Control allowing "masked" input like entering phone numbers in a given format.

SmallAlloc : A Compact Memory Manager by Ultrano
Description: A memory manager for allocating thousands of small (up to 8192 bytes each) objects.
(Masm) - (Public Domain)

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Posted on 2006-07-16 17:40:49 by JimmyClif