I made a prog for sending my mails, but I must to rewrite my ISP everytimes in an EditBox.
I would like find it in the Registery. But Where ? I found it here:

\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager\Accounts\00000000

= 'smtp.wanadoo.fr'

But D44BC4C0-CC6B-11d5-865B-F8C50CC10000 isn't a constant, so It can't work on another computer.

First, I would like to know if you have this patch too, because I think before I had not this patch but this one :
\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager\Accounts

You, have you got a patch like my first ? or one like the second type ?
Posted on 2001-12-22 16:34:51 by Morgatte
{D44BC4C0-CC6B-11d5-865B-F8C50CC10000} as far as i know is a UUID (Unique User ID) (not 100% sure about the name) and will be differnet for each user och each machine and install and so on... apart from tha6t i'm not really sure what you can do... do you use win9x/me or NT/2K/XP?... these differ a lot in these parts of the registry... bla bla bla and so on
Posted on 2001-12-22 19:23:40 by NervGaz
I use Win95.

But that I would like to know, it's the differents pathes of differents users (and if they are under Win 95/me/NT/2000..) So I could see that I can do.

Thank you
Posted on 2001-12-23 03:31:34 by Morgatte
Morgatte: I think (but correct me if I'm wrong) that those registry entries are only used in outlook (express), so everyone with other e-mail client don't have their settings there.
Why not create a 'save' checkbox in your own program that saves it in your own registry key?

Posted on 2001-12-23 10:17:56 by Thomas
Hi Morgatte

What do want to do with this code ?
is not somthing like worm or trojan ?

Please correct me if i m wrong.


PS: do you know Sharp-Sighted in another forum?
Posted on 2001-12-23 11:46:38 by colio
No I can't use a file or my registry to save it, because in fact... You'll Understand with my colio's reply.

Yes you are right, I did'nt say it in my first post but I try to make a trojan (I don't know if I can say trojan, not realy.)
So Thomas you understood why I can't do like you said me.

It is not realy a trojan. For the time being, my prog hooks the keyboard and logs up data in a file. It hooks data under the mouse into the EditBox in the same log file or decrypts them directly.

Now, It be able to send this file towards my mail due to smtp protocole. But, the problem is that works only on my computer because the patch of "smtp.ISP.xxx" is different for the others computers.

That's why I look for a good patch. I belives it is that I have mentionned at top.

You Know all now... ;)

Colio, Yes I know Sharp-Sighted (in french cracking force Forum), he is a good cracker but more, he is one of the best french coder
under asm, but he stays hided. (It is precious to have people like him.)
(But, in fact I don't know if he is realy french, I don't know...)

I think, He tells you I'm trying to do a trojan, beacause I have post some questions about SMTP and Hook in the other Forum.
Don't you ?
Posted on 2001-12-23 15:40:30 by Morgatte

Yes you are right, I did'nt say it in my first post but I try to make a trojan (I don't know if I can say trojan, not realy.)

Hope to see a "banned" under your name, next time I look into this thread!
Posted on 2001-12-23 15:48:14 by bazik

What ?
I didn't andertand what you said, was it a question ?

>Hope to see a "banned" under your name, next time I look into this thread!

Souhaites-tu voir une "?tiquette (?tandard, banni?re)" sur ton nom, la prochaine fois que je reviens voir ce thread!

Are you disagree with the fact we can code trojans or others....?
Not me. because, it's more to anderstand then serve it. that allows me to learn news concepts that I don't know before, like, SMTP, POP IMAP, (MINE) and Socks and Hooks that I Know a little.
Posted on 2001-12-24 04:41:10 by Morgatte
sorry, for my reaction, but I really hate trojan & virus coders. Look into this thread, to see, what the Board members think about such persons:


My advice: Use your time to make something usefull. Not another ***** trojan!

Posted on 2001-12-24 05:43:14 by bazik
I undertand your point of view, I don't like to be infected myself.
Nevertheless, I'm admiring about there competances.

I'm not only to think like that:

Matthiew said that:
I firmly believe that there are some people who write viruses just for fun and to learn from it, and not to release them or cause damage

I agree with him. And even, It could be very interesting to developpe myself very basic antiviruses or anti-hook, anti-trojan BUT for that we MUST know deeply the enemy. Don't you belive ?

For going farther, we must before see what they do and how.

I had infected by Sircam32 there was 2 months. :mad: If I know nothing about viruses I must called a spicialiste. But not, lukily.
That's why I would know more about them now.
Posted on 2001-12-24 07:58:59 by Morgatte

To learn about virus you do not need to make them spread. If you wanna learn about SMTP or POP, or whatever, you do not need to create a stupid trojan.:mad: You can do good things, useful for the people. All the virus i have seen use code that can be seen in good programs. Always. So please stop writing this kind of posts because we are not going to help you coding a trojan or whatever. Read The Rules if you are concerned about that.:mad:
Posted on 2001-12-24 15:52:45 by CodeLover
:( Hey, I never coded any trojan nor Virus.

Stop to think that, really!!!


I Think only, It very interesting to learn the mechanisms they use.
The bill of ladings are not a bad themself, that's you do with it whose can be bad.

To me, that's not meaning we don't have the right to access to those bill of lading. Otherwise.... you know the follow-up!!!
Posted on 2001-12-25 04:43:53 by Morgatte
banned = banni in french.

banni?re, ?tandart = banner in english ;)
Posted on 2001-12-26 05:35:07 by JCP
for all you faggots that hate virus/trojans coders... i think you should grow the hell up u lame assholes, i do code trojans and i am proud i do it, and i do code them not to spread them but to actually learn more about coding and show how lame microsoft is. And if all you trojan hating faggots hate me fine, its not like you guys were useful and shit anyways. I say u hate us then grow the hell up and go to fucking hell you lamers.
Posted on 2001-12-28 14:31:58 by Phrostic
Phrostic, I believe you just showed how lame YOU are.

UUID = Universally Unique IDentifier. Microsoft thoght this was a
bit too pretentious, so the M$ UUIDs are called GUIDs - where the
G is for Globally.

If you want to learn about SMTP, code a mail client, not a trojan.
While there is *some* learning involved in writing a virus, and some
interesting methods, trojans are just plain lame, as they are *always*
written with malicious intent. Keep your path clean or be erased...
Posted on 2001-12-28 14:39:34 by f0dder