Never used VirtualPC before it was "free" (not the MS Version anyhow), but I've downloaded it since... pretty neat stuff.

I've been playing around with installing older versions of Windows (95/98/ME/etc...), weird to see those OS UI's these days, but excellent for testing :D

Installing Windows tends to be a "snap" for VirtualPC users, but I've noticed that some people are having troubles with non-MS OS distributions (Linux/BSD/etc...), and I have started this thread to help guide and enlighten people on such processes... even in using the generic "safety net" that a Virtual Machine such as VirtualPC provides :)

Ubuntu Linux
As for my first non-MS OS distribution, I started by installing Ubuntu Linux. Installation was automatic (nothing new), I just used the "default selections" the installer gave me since I didn't care about partitioning and other options that would matter on a real PC. The only major quirk in getting it to run, is that I had to adjust for the fact that X11 defaults to a display depth of 24-bit, something that Windows wouldn't naturally handle... so I just changed the display to a default depth of 16-bit, in the xorg.conf file. After that, Ubuntu worked great, even for being run in an emulator. One minor quirk, is that you have to "manually enable" networking, but it does indeed work. The other minor quirk I noticed immediately, is the lack of sound, but I haven't bothered to figure out why, as I don't really need sound for my program development/testing purposes.

I will probably continue installing as many different Operating Systems as I can/desire, in time, but I plan on getting around to installing Gentoo, FreeBSD and OpenBSD before anything else.

Anyone else who has messed around with non-MS distros on VirtualPC, please post any tips/tricks you might have.

PS: Please start a separate thread for such related VMWare info. Thanks.
Posted on 2006-07-22 21:43:14 by SpooK
I have tried Ubuntu Linux on both VMware and Virtual PC, and I found no major problems on them too. Even when I'm using those 2 software to test out certain os, it's fine.  ;)
Posted on 2006-07-22 23:57:55 by roticv