how to download dynatos executable and/or source?
Posted on 2006-08-03 10:32:59 by korte
Thanks for your interest, korte.

Unfortunately, there is nothing *worth* releasing at the moment, as DynatOS would seem like nothing more than a broken version of DOS or BASH (check out the screenshot at the website to see what I mean) :lol:

The good news is, DynatOS is currently my primary focus again, with all other projects back to the side (for now)... but I still can't give an honest estimate as to when there will be a useful release :sad:

In the mean time, if you are interested in some cool (and working) ASM OS projects, you can check out Bogdan's Solar OS (written in TASM) or MenuetOS (written in FASM) ;)
Posted on 2006-08-03 18:47:08 by SpooK