What's new: - 2006.08.15
o Fixed bug where setting WS_EX_LAYERED would crash ResEd.
o Fixed bug where setting WS_EX_TRANSPARENT would make dialopg disappear.

Get it here:

Posted on 2006-08-15 04:37:48 by KetilO
Hi KetilO
I have 2 bugs to report with this last version
1. in some cases the you can not see the preview of a dialog. Example attached.
2. when you select more than a control, move them to another position and then save the project, these changes are not saved!


Posted on 2006-10-16 10:36:38 by Biterider
Thanks for bugreport.

1. Bug will be fixed by stripping off WS_EX_LAYERED and WS_EX_TRANSPARENT
2. Are you able to reproduce this bug. It works as it should here.

Posted on 2006-10-16 16:25:12 by KetilO
Hi KetilO
1. Yes, I see, the problem seems to be here WS_EX_LAYERED since WM_EX_TRANSPARENT is not set.
2. Yes I can reproduce it:
    - select the 3 lower controls of the Options frame
    - move them up
    - menu->File->Save project
    - menu->File->Exit
    - run the app again and open the rc file
    - ops... nothing was saved!  :shock:


Posted on 2006-10-17 01:09:22 by Biterider

Moving or sizing by using the keyboard did not update when saved.

ResEd is uploaded.

Posted on 2006-10-17 03:36:17 by KetilO