Hello guys

The last time I was playing around with SPTI and ASPI coding.
I was planning to make a Digital CD-Player for fun and I want
to read the CD-TEXT from the AUDIO CD if it is available.
I already coded a routine to get the audio info from the internet
via freedb.org into my program.

Now I have done some coding to read it direct from CD if available
( see attachment )

To test this code I need some testing on CD-TEXT Audio Cd's so I can
study the CD-TEXT dump.

I have only 1 CD that has CD-TEXT on it.

So my question to you is, if you own an AUDIO CD-TEXT can you make
a cdtext dump file for me with my test program and send this to my e-mail address ?


It would help me allot  because I can't find any info about string length etc.

Friendly regards Siekmanski

Posted on 2006-08-19 17:13:58 by Siekmanski