Hi NaN

It works as it should here. Minimizes on Run (or any build command that includes a run) and restores on exit.
I did make it fail once when I had the option 'Hide on Run' enabled in the ObjAsm32 addin.
Can this be the case?

Posted on 2006-09-10 16:40:48 by KetilO

Like I know I have this active.  Perhaps its a bug in the Addin.... ?

I've been too busy lately to resume my programming, but I will check this theory out when I get back to it.  Possibly this weekend.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Posted on 2006-09-12 21:51:34 by NaN
Hi all

New upload:

o New 'Project Wizard' that also works on Win95b (does not use property sheets).
o Fixed bugs in RadToolbar addin (crash on Win95b if custom toolbar was enabled).

Posted on 2006-09-13 14:59:54 by KetilO