Serveral years back I were member of, and some times every year since I left it, I used to browse it, but today I found it gone. I found this instead and it is much similar.
Is this some kinda follow-up to the old forum?
Posted on 2006-08-23 14:51:34 by zer0page
This community is the downstream result of Icezlion's original forum.

In short, it went from Iczelion's Forum (Custom/ASP) -> (vBulletin/PHP, also dubbed as -> (phpBB->SMF/PHP)

After Hiroshimator handed the torch down to me, I changed from to shortly after, because the focus of this community covered more than just the Win32ASM/API, despite that subject being the primary point of attention.

Some spin-off boards were created resultant from the growth of, and difference of opinion in, this forum/board/community. The two major ones being the FASM and MASM32 support boards.

Some things should still be the same, that being certain threads and certain members accumulated over the years. A few things are different, mainly the establishment of sensible and upheld community rules.

All-in-all, this place is still far off from it's death, ill-foretold by certain people... I hope you find some use of this place as well :)

PS: Welcome back ;)
Posted on 2006-08-23 19:13:10 by SpooK
Also, I have a little question too, while the topic come out.
What happend the Hiroshimator ? I remember some blurred images :P :P He has been in hospital for a while ?
Is he ok now ? or ?
Posted on 2006-08-24 07:09:28 by Dite
He's very much OK, busy with work and life :)
Hospital - no, but for half a year he had no internet in his apartment after moving to another city. That timespan of absence almost freaked some of us ^^'.
Posted on 2006-08-24 07:35:50 by Ultrano
hey ultrano do you play mu? (sorry for offtopic post; welcome back :D)
Posted on 2006-08-24 18:51:45 by abc123
No, not yet. But I'll give it a try in a few hours - looks interesting. Heck, I stopped playing "Endless Online" only because there's almost no creep to kill... :oops:
Posted on 2006-08-24 20:17:23 by Ultrano
i play on a private server actually, because the exp is much better :) if you want to play, my name is 'mikeiscool' when i am online ... normally about 6-7 hours from this time :)

i only ask because i saw someone on there with 'ultrano' as the name and wondered :) and it is common to use "^^" as laughter.
Posted on 2006-08-24 20:26:34 by abc123
There goes my "unique nick" :( . Though, in games (usually CSS) I tend to use the nick "Ultrano Kei" or shortly "k".

zer0page: welcome to the board, again :) . I think its quality has been improving a lot for the last 4 years, many topics shifting from discussions on pure small-snippets into parts of large asm projects. And help is usually a few minutes to hours at hand :) .
Posted on 2006-08-24 21:31:59 by Ultrano
Thanks for that information SpooK , and also thanks for that very warm welcome SpooK and Ultrano! :)
I work as senior programmer at a company now, developing a web-based interface for a gps service.
During my day to day job as programmer now, I will never use assembler.
I program php most of the time, and the rest I spend time planning the structure of the overall application system that we are developing.
Right now I am lucky, and working on a daemon for freebsd.
I started programming during the 80ies with a breadbox c64 for my needs, and quickly proceeded to assembler, then x86.
I know that most probably I will never get a job as assembler programmer, actually I won't program anything much at all in assembler, I am high level programmer now, but I know the drill.
But I know one thing, and that is that the knowledge of how a machine works , I mean how programming languages translates into machine language - higher language translated to bits and bytes ... curiosity that strives me to _aquire_ knowledge of the machine ~ that is indeed a trait that inspires and makes better programmers. I think this is the mind of all people that visit this forum, and hackers in general.
Anyways, happy to see this forum in a new form and thriving,
and I will be back soon probing... :)
Posted on 2006-09-01 19:27:42 by zer0page
Companies nowadays usually want C++ + STL coders at bare minimum :( . Assembly is a plus to the coder - to write much better code, but my boss warned me asm coders are often looked down on nowadays. He himself has been an asm coder until 8 years ago (when he started his company) . I both doubted and didn't doubt this statement, so I made some research on the reasons for this. 3 reasons:
1) asm coders are thought of trying to optimize everything completely, slowing the development process 10-100 times
2) asm coders are thought of not being able to comprehend OOP
3) asm coders are thought of not being able to make/work on large projects

My boss had mentioned that his statement doesn't cover/concern me ... so after the research I found out I don't fit into the picture of the 3 reasons :) (being the creator of an OOP extention-language to asm, having released a large commercial project completely written in asm)
Anyway, occasionally I post some code, libs and tools here, showcasing my code-style and approach to software, and in the near future I'll be releasing more commercial software, written completely in asm, trying to compete with some wealthy companies :) . Overall, showing and improving a style, that can beat most serious C++STL/C# code in both performance and speed of development.

Btw, meanwhile I work as a PalmOS developer (games, dictionary-software) , where cpu speed matters a bit more - and asm code turned out a great plus. Most users of our new games couldn't believe the speed and tons of GFX thrown out without lag, compared to all other games available for the platform (immediate load/save instead of waiting for 10 seconds, 50fps constant, instead of 10, hundreds of GFX at once, instead of dozens)  ^^ . Though, there most code is in C, because we have no emulators for the platform (sending a build takes 1 minute... while you need to test 50,000 builds.., thus I have my code portable with a supporting/encapsulating engine and test it directly on Win32) , RISC cpus and the OS are so much inconvenient... it's impossible to meet deadlines with asm code there. But fortunately the previous sentence doesn't apply in the x86 domain :D .
Posted on 2006-09-01 21:59:19 by Ultrano