I thought I had a problem w/ my assembly pgm where sometimes my Main Menu and dropdown options which were supposed to have 1 letter underlined (using the '&' in my .rc file) sometimes did and at other times no characters were underlined.

I started tinkering and noticed the same thing about Explorer. If I pressed the Alt key the underlines would appear, yet if I left mouse clicked anywhere they disappeared.

Is this a problem w/ my computer or has anyone else noticed it?

Hoping everyone a safe and Merry Christmas.
Posted on 2001-12-24 12:02:17 by DaveTX47
This is a feature.

To turn it off:
    [*]Right-click on Desktop[*]Select properties[*]Select Appearance Tab[*]Select Effects... Button[*](last item on dialog)
Posted on 2001-12-24 12:19:58 by bitRAKE
see picture

edit: Bitrake: You were a little faster :grin:
Posted on 2001-12-24 12:22:39 by Thomas
Thomas, as always - a picture is worth a thousand words. :)
Posted on 2001-12-24 14:20:43 by bitRAKE
Thanx. I really thought I had found a problem w/ Win XP.
Posted on 2001-12-24 20:14:27 by DaveTX47
Did you ever see the cartoon of a bug, next to it is the same bug, dressed in a tux, wearing a gold watch and a big diamond ring, with the caption...


... :grin:
Posted on 2001-12-24 23:25:19 by S/390
S/390 -

I read that post like 10 times. I feel really stupid cause I don't get it. Can someone explain it (I know - it'll lose it's humor once it's explained)?
Posted on 2001-12-25 00:01:18 by lackluster
bug in fancy clothes = feature :alright:

Don't you feel silly?

Maybe it's just my over-analysis, but you can't resist bugs in software - so don't try - it's part of the process - get use to it! Remember the old saying: That which you resist will persist. It is better to become comfortable with the process, rather than struggle with trying to eliminate every possible bug.
Posted on 2001-12-25 00:59:37 by bitRAKE
:o Posted on 2001-12-25 10:46:31 by lackluster