This basic release of DynatOS is to help determine if proper memory management is being initialized amongst different IA32 platforms. Basically, it is a user-feedback test with very little interaction capability in order to test the stability of the kernel. What I need the most is feedback from the "mem" command, but if it doesn't even boot up that far... please let me know :)

I already know how this test version works on emulators such as Bochs, VirtualPC and VMWare. I would greatly appreciate feedback/replies to this thread from anyone who downloads and runs this test version on a Real PC.

-Command Line Interface (extremely basic, QWERTY scancode response)
-Runs in Protected Mode w/ Ring-3 Context Switch capability (base for later)
-Accepts 3 commands, "help", "clear" and "mem"

Requirements for Testing
-Intel 386 Compatible PC or Higher
-Floppy Disk Drive (and a blank floppy)

-Download from link below
-Install on a standard 3.44 Floppy Disk using RawWrite (Windows), DD (*nix/Linux/BSD) or some other equivalent program. It can be written to a bootable CD such as Nero, but I wouldn't want anyone to do so unless it is a CD-RW (no loss, this test isn't worth wasting a CD-R over).

-Keep releasing this test version until Memory Management Initialization Bugs are fixed
-Implement (enable) Memory Management capability
-Implement basic Process Management capability
-Design a few more hard-coded commands and loadable programs

Download Link
(edit: this release is depreciated and the link has been removed)

Posted on 2006-09-14 08:02:36 by SpooK
1st system: PIII EB 800MHz, 128MB RAM

'help' and 'clear' commands only worked when executed after 'mem'
If I execute 'help' or 'clear' right after the system bootup nothing happens.

mem output:
total mem: 130816 kb
physical mem: 129964 kb
available mem: 129834 kb

2nd system: PIII EB 933MHz, 1024MB RAM

Behaves really weird.
BIOS reads the bootsector and then the system halts, that is, last bios's screen with blinking cursor is displayed.
If some key except space bar is pressed system reboots. But if space bar is pressed then the os loads fine.

Same thing with help and clear commands.

mem output:
total mem: 1048320 kb
physical mem: 1047472 kb
available mem: 1046444 kb

I'll test it later on a p4/2gb ram system.
Posted on 2006-09-14 08:40:23 by arafel
I should probably scrap that make-shift CLI patchwork and start fresh. The biggest problem is that it just works for me (TM) and I am waiting for a good reason to redesign (i.e. a Beta release), so I have become reluctant to do so before getting the Core well designed.

As it stands, I only have one basic form of enabling the A20 line, which might be causing those funky keyboard errors. It also could be the rudimentary IRQ1 (keyboard handler) I have installed (basic PPR ports). I'll have to take a look into it further. I have a funny feeling that the problem will solve itself once I step out of the comfort zone of "works on my machines" and add more compatibility into the picture.

The important thing is that "mem" seems to be working fine. I doesn't account for the 1MB of RAM including any conventional memory. I still have to clean-up Memory Management Initialization to the effect of "fixing" potential overlapping E820 entries (read of such problems before). After solving that chicken-or-egg issue... everything should be gravy :P

Thanks for the feedback, arafel :)
Posted on 2006-09-14 13:32:35 by SpooK