when I open original rc script(not created by RedEd) in ResEd everything is fine but after saving it without any modification some lines are deleted and some are somehow incorrectly handled later with compiler

in original rc file are these two lines

1 24 "app.manifest"
IDI_APP ICON "app.ico"

but none of them is in the resaved script  :shock: how come?

and another problem

IDB_APP BITMAP "app.bmp"

in resaved script IS this line, bmp is correctly linked to res and exe, but does not show when application is started, box where the bmp is supposed to be is empty  :shock:

everything is OK with original script but when I want it to modify with ResEd I get these problems

any help pls
Posted on 2006-09-16 14:30:10 by Aeon
Select the "resource" item from the "project" menu to add the bitmap and the icon, then select the bitmap in the appropriate property on the control you would like it to appear. Unfortunately it does not support createprocess manifest inclusion (then again nither does masm in resource.h), or binary file includes. I believe the author is progressively working on features, you may wish to ask him about when these items will be included. He has done an awesome job though thus far.
Posted on 2006-09-17 06:13:52 by Ehtyar