Whats new:

o It is now possible to create a new project even if the folder already exists.
  This is useful when creating a RadASM project from existing sources.
  - Warning that the folder exists.
  - Warning if files are about to be overwritten.
o The 'New Project Wizard' now has an Import button. It lets you import files to
  the project. Useful when creating a new project from existing sources.
o Font options dialog now shows font name.
o Set focus to project explorer and Ctrl+E will expand / collapse project groups.
  Useful with huge projects.
o Improved project loading time.
o Fixed a paint problem in RAEdit when a non fixed font was used.
o Fixed a bug where closing all files would leave the 'File Change Notify' thread
  running and the next file opened would create a new thread.
o RAEdit now does a garbage collection each time memory is expanded.
o Fixed a bug where adding an existing code file to project did not auto refresh properties.
o Added ResourceID addin. Activate it with addinmanager.
  - This addin auto exports resource id's to the file rsrc.xxx when any of the
  - resource scripts are updated. At the same time code properties are refreshed.
  - This means that code complete on resource id's will work immediatly after any
  - resource script is saved.
  - The export is done ONLY if the rsrc.xxx file exists in the projects root folder.

  - rsrc.xxx:
  - -- ----------------------
  - Assembly          rsrc.inc
  - Hla                  rsrc.hhf
  - C/C++              rsrc.h
  - bcet, fb          rsrc.bi
o Added option to minimize RadASM on run. RadASM will stay minimized while program is running.
  - You can also use this to kill a program that hangs by restoring RadASM and press Esc.
o Project options now has Path and Main Files buttons. Purpose is to have the info at hand
  while setting up project build options.
o On build errors RadASM will jump to first error.
o New 'Project Wizard' that also works on Win95b (does not use property sheets).
o Fixed bug in RadToolbar addin (crash on Win95b if custom toolbar was enabled).
o Fixed bug in RadToolbar addin where customizing toolbar could give strange results.
o Fixed a bug where using mouse wheel on properties window could leave the button painted.

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