These Quicksorts functions in this C++ CGI
are modified Versions of Hutch' Quicksorts
nrQsortA and nrQsortD in the folder M32LIB
from his Masm32 Assembler available from his site at

I modified these to work in a Visual C++ ASM procedures
I hope although as look back now was simple to modify will help others

What I did was use C runtime functions for memory management
first adding
I replaced
invoke SysAllocStringByteLen,0,bLen
push bLen
call malloc

I replaced invoke SysFreeString,hMem

push hMem
call free

And after I did that, to my amazement it ran!

See it run

See the ASM files

See the C file that calls the ASM procedures

How to create a C++ or C to call assembly procedures in Visual C++
note: this project was a console project;EN-US;q106399
Posted on 2001-12-24 22:54:17 by andy981