to use the following code can change a main window into transparence style.
invoke GetWindowLong,hWin, GWL_EXSTYLE
invoke SetWindowLong,hWin,GWL_EXSTYLE,eax
invoke SetLayeredWindowAttributes,hWin,0,ValueTransparence,LWA_ALPHA

how do i change a tiptool window into transparence style.
if can't, let me know.
Posted on 2006-10-13 10:18:42 by dcskm4200
hard question ? ;)
Posted on 2006-10-15 22:34:56 by dcskm4200
Well, assuming that you are creating the ToolTip window with either the CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx Win32 APIs, You should already have the handle to those windows. Try setting those handle's styles and see if it works.

You can also create a custom window for ToolTips if that doesn't work.
Posted on 2006-10-16 07:46:42 by XCHG
Thanks you for your answer.

i did as you said, but the tiptool window had no any reaction.
a coder said it can't.

do you see some software with the transparence style tiptool?

best regards
Posted on 2006-10-16 08:00:29 by dcskm4200