Hi All,

This is HiEditor V1.0.1.3

What's new

-You can now use advanced Filter strings for the Open/Save Dialogs e.g.
FileTypes=All Files (*.*)~*.*~Assembly & Include Files (*.asm, *.inc)~*.asm,*.inc~~
where ~ is either ~ or NUL(Thanks Nikos)

-The sample HiEdit control on the Options dialog is enabled so that user can view his changes (Thanks Jupiter, shoorick)

-if CR is the last character of file, caret could no be positioned with the mouse; fixed (Thanks icehole)

-Painting/Selection speed improved

-text OLE Drag / Drop minor bug fixed (Thanks Nikos)

-A small update issue when opening files from the Explorer or command prompt-GOOD for big files

-Undo/redo lists cosmetic improvements

-Copy OEM text to Clipboard is such that other applications can paste properly



PS. A new version of a demo application (with full source) together with the HiEdit control packaged as a lib and a dll has been uploaded to the WinAsm site (http://www.winasm.net).
Posted on 2006-10-14 06:46:45 by akyprian