RAD ASM is indeed a very very  good RAD tool for programing Assembly language. If only it could supply OBJASM more, that'll be perfect.
    I know there already exists RADASM ADDIN for OBJASM32, but as far as I know, it just adds a menu item with some method inspectors on the menu bar.
     How I wish if there could be some RAD ASM templates for OBJASM, or dialog editor tuned to the OBJASM's flavor, then coding assembly would be a lot of fun.
Posted on 2006-10-15 09:56:49 by guidry
Hi guidry
RadASM is my favourite editor too, but there are other good editor projects here.
The AddIn for RadASM is much more than a ?per procedure bases? checker. It adds more intellisence to your typing. I.e., if you write ?OCall esi::Collection.? when you have pressed the dot, a list with all available methods (just defined and inherited) popups, letting you select what you want. The same is also applicable for object variables.

The AddIn is not perfect, but it helps you in 90% of the cases.

KetilO has also added Objects and methods to the properties pane, so it is easier to find the declarations.

Finally in the editor context menu, you will find at the end some new items to work with objects, like opening itself, it ancestors and adding it to the project.

At the moment, that is what I can offer you  ;)


Posted on 2006-10-15 10:36:53 by Biterider
Hi there!
    Thank you for your advice. Indeed RADASM ADDIN can do much more than what I supposed it can. That's because I am still a novice on programing Assembly though the first ASM program I wrote was in 1988, a simple 6502 8-bit asm program on Apple II. I gave up Assembly latter on as it lacked an IDE for developing programs. Two years ago, I occasionally heard about it from DEV C++ (open source C++ IDE) forum. Someone told me that I could use ResED to design dialogs, then I found RADASM IDE. Six months ago, I noticed that there is OBJASM, which make ASM programing More OOP-like...
    However, What I care most is that: Since The RADASM automatically add a .dlg .mnu .rc file from the win32 app template, by clicking on the .dlg .mnu any novice or pro can easily add mouse buttons comboBox...,etc. I wish there are also some templates with that we can also integrate .dlg .mnu , everything RAD with OBJASM.
   Your demo02, demo04,.... are good templates or foundation for programing OJBASM. However, there is always  a time when we want to use RADASM's RAD tool, for example, a dialog with several mouse buttons, radio buttons, comboboxes, labels...   In that case, how  can we make it?
Posted on 2006-10-16 09:10:24 by guidry
Hi guidry
Working with standard resources (buttons, statics, comboboxes, etc) is not different than you do it without ObjAsm32.
There is a special case that is if you have created your own control, like the GifPlayer object. To place this object on a dialog, you have to declare it as custom control and make some little adjustments. Look at the Demo07 for a detailed example, but be aware, that it is not an easy topic.

About the templates you mention, that is a good idea to add them. I remember that NaN has done something like that. I?ll see if I can find it and add them to the package. If not, perhaps NaN can help here.


Posted on 2006-10-16 10:17:50 by Biterider
Thank you for your help!
Posted on 2006-10-17 19:59:34 by guidry