Hi Biterider:
In oder to to get the hang of using COM's notify sink, I followed your advice to take a look at Demo16 test4. I opened the rap file.
After compiling, I ran the program, a message on the child window said:

Demo16 creation failed
Class not registered [80040154h]

What does it mean? What is Demo16 test4 getting at?

Below is the screen shot of the situation I encountered.

My computer is Windows Me

Posted on 2006-10-23 20:48:39 by guidry
The DLL which contains the COMponent must be registered with the OperatingSystem.
You can use the helper batchfiles (dllreg and dllunreg) to perform this, you can use the RegSvr32 executable which they drive, and if my memory serves me well, you can register your DLL (COM Server) from your executable (COM Client).

Now you may feel free to slap yourself in the forehead and say "d'oh!" :)
Posted on 2006-10-24 00:42:00 by Homer
  So I copied the Demo16.dll to windows system folder, and
used regsvr32 Demo16.dll and registered it successfully.
  Then I ran test4.exe again, the outcome was as below:
  Is that correct? 
  I want more information on Demo4 and it's test files.
Posted on 2006-10-24 02:31:30 by guidry
It is not necesary to move the DLL. You can register it in place.
The output is correct.


Posted on 2006-10-24 03:24:37 by Biterider
Got it, thank you!
Posted on 2006-10-24 03:30:34 by guidry