Posted on 2006-10-25 08:53:54 by drhowarddrfine
Tested it for a couple of weeks, the new features are nice:
1) session restore (if you reboot_normally/switch_winlogon_user/crash_PC while having FF2 running),
2) so-so/OK spellchecking (but far from perfect, and often nags with its lack of knowledge on intermediate/technical English). But very often, it helps eliminate simple typos (especially if it's 3 am).
3)  seems like has somewhat improved speed. Though, I don't remember FF1 using 39MB RAM.

I noticed on one type of server, FF2 swapped the data of the images it got from the site, but only tested it many times in a 1Mbit/s network, ping<20ms. But it's an obsolete simple server; with Apache there are no probs.

Also, just yesterday, all extensions I had from FF1, got updated to be supported in FF2 - no loss in functionality :D

Yet, I somehow can't imagine/like switching to another browser. FF2 is just so much stable, never (except for in https sessions) forgets what you've typed in a session, and so on - you have to mess-up pretty bad, in order to get stability issues. *thumbs-up*
Posted on 2006-10-25 18:59:15 by Ultrano