a Noob question:
I have installed RADASM by K. Olsen, and when I open 'New Project', I don't get a choice of assembler, or template. I've looked into RADASM.ini file, but there's no line, and adding it (Assembler=masm,fasm,etc...) doesn't help.
Any help gratefully accepted.

Posted on 2006-10-28 19:32:36 by peterng25
I think I had the same or a similar problem at some point.

Install the IDE pack from www.radasm.com and then unzip the contents of the Programming Pack to the RadAsm folder. Make sure you don't unzip it to Radasm/Assembly/ but to RadAsm/. So that the directory structure will look like this:


I believe then you need to use the Options/Programming Language Menu to individually add each .ini file inside the RadAsm/ folder (like masm.ini) for it to be recognized in RadAsm.
Posted on 2006-10-28 20:32:13 by JimmyClif
Thanks so much for the prompt reply!
Posted on 2006-10-29 01:07:11 by peterng25