i've been slacking off and i have a little trouble restarting to program as well as solving some problems i had even before i slacked off

since i am learnign to program and more as i go i need some help

here is the source

http://wolfshade.home.ro/project.txt (or attached below as .txt)


1. the "star map" matrix first line gets generated on y coordinate pixel 0 for some reason (assemble to get the visual); on line 331 i fill the y values of the array of points

2. it seems main diagonal points are missing :shock: (x1y1 x2y2 etc)

3. i'm getting stuck on managing how to get this right. Normally i want the star map to be drawn on the center child window device context and i want it to resize properly along with the whole window. Preferably i want this to be done as neat as possible, i suspect with a mapping mode set to mm_isotropic.

4. advice?
Posted on 2006-10-28 20:11:11 by w0lfshad3
ok i fixed my code but the fix doesn't work; i went through the code, can't find a flaw in it or the logic but still it doesn't work.

This is the new part that "fixes" NOT the code alltough the logic is sound:
Can some1 help? I'll provide further logic info if needed.
mov counter, -1

dec ecx
push ecx
mov ecx, 10
add edi, 8 ; x0y1, x1y2...x10y12, x11y13
add counter, 10
mov eax, counter
mov edx, 8
mul edx
mov temp6, eax

mov temp7, edi
.if edi > temp6
mov eax, edi
sub eax, 80
mov temp7, eax

mov eax, apt.x
mov edx, apt.y
add eax, 5
add edx, 5

push ecx
invoke Ellipse, hdc, apt.x, apt.y, eax, edx
pop ecx

add esi, 8
add edi, 8

loop label10
Posted on 2006-11-07 02:18:04 by w0lfshad3
nm culprit is
wich assembles as
mov edx,DWORD PTR 
Posted on 2006-11-07 10:25:28 by w0lfshad3