During my three week holiday trip in USA exploring California, I experienced this cool event just accidentally:

My girlfriend and me arrived from Highway 1 in the late afternoon in L.A. After picking up hotel and check some nice places, we felt a bit tired and were not sure what to do in the evening. Just in this moment we drove along a cinema, so the idea was "let's go to cinema" and get some original language movie.

Because the eye catched some words like "Star" and "Trek" and because of us both beeing some kind of Trekkie (not those hardcore guys  ;) ) the idea now was "how about that cinema just passed by?".

So we entered and discovered a special event with two old school series and the movie "Star Trek IV" (the funny one with Kirk and Spock visiting earth in the '80..). Finally we read the date - Cool! its today! starting just in 10 minutes! Even more cool - special guest is Mr. George Takei alias Sulu and also Mr. Rod Roddenberry alias son of Mr. Gene Roddenberry!

So we got some tickets (just 10 bucks) and had a really cool experience and a nice evening.

(As explained during the event, the local Star Trek fan association has organized the evening and invited the special guests. If we would have ever had such an event at home in Germany, the most VIP guest would be probably "the guy" in the red uniform, that died just in the first 5 minutes of a series and has only a three word sentence to say..  :shock:)
Posted on 2006-11-01 08:09:49 by beaster
That's pretty awesome :) Was it like a Q&A session or did they discuss some behind the scenes of the movie?
Posted on 2006-11-01 08:36:25 by JimmyClif
Mr. Sulu told some behind the scenes stuff, also a lot wise words about past, current and also future world, seen from a "Star Trek" point of view. One of the old school series was "The Naked Time", where Sulu was mad because of a ship-wide disease, so he jumped around just in his trousers and showed his (well formed these days) body .. and he got a lot of applause for its appearance :)

Mr. Roddenberry made some kind of interview and spoke some not-so-wise words, indeed he was (imho) not really a charming guy. He also introduced his new documentation, called "Trek Nation", which seems more like "Me, myself and I and how I'm trying to understand my dad.." 8).

Posted on 2006-11-01 09:15:40 by beaster
Funny you should mention that since I just finished reading about William Shatner coming to my town.
Posted on 2006-11-01 10:06:20 by drhowarddrfine