hi @all

could anyone help me by translating sourcecodes from nasm to masm32?

thx in forward
Posted on 2006-11-01 11:14:32 by BelCoder
i am not MASM coder, so can't help sorry.

just wondering... why?
Posted on 2006-11-01 13:19:23 by vid

what coded you??

Posted on 2006-11-01 13:22:50 by BelCoder
If you aren't in a hurry for the codes, post them here and when I have time I'll convert them over with some comments to help you learn to do it yourself. MASM and NASM aren't that difficult to translate between.

Bryant Keller
Posted on 2006-11-01 23:01:01 by Synfire
I'm FASM coder
Posted on 2006-11-02 08:52:06 by vid
here is the nasm source

zhx in forward
Posted on 2006-11-05 07:40:41 by BelCoder
Sorry it took so long, I've not really been very active on the computer lately. Last night I finally got a chance to work on it, and today I've more or less finished it. It builds, and what I've played around with works. I've not tested it on any files since I don't keep audio files here, so that test is up to you. Truth is, I wouldn't suggest using this as a learning point. You should probably working with much smaller projects until you get used to porting, but to each their own.

Bryant Keller

P.S. This program isn't all that well designed, but I made no attempt to optimize it, so it could use a lot of work still. This is just a line-by-line translation from NASM to MASM32 with use of HL constructs to make it a little more readable.
Posted on 2006-11-17 13:51:45 by Synfire
very very THANKS :thumbsup:

you are the best

Posted on 2006-11-17 13:55:26 by BelCoder
I have the prog tested do not works correct !
if I the path select to wav the files encoded it not!
I hope i find the error

but thanks nevertheless

Posted on 2006-11-17 14:11:14 by BelCoder