When I clicked at the ?tools? sub menu item of OBJASM32 addin for RADASM, nothing happened. Then I took a look at the source code at line 724 on RA_OA32_AddIn.inc whose content was as below:
@invoke StrLCat, addr bBuffer, "\Projects\OA32Tools\OA32Tools.exe", sizeof bBuffer ? 1
     Therefore I understood that it tried to locate the exe file on the  ?OA32Tools? folder. But in fact there was no  ?OA32Tools? folder, so nothing happened when I  I clicked at the ?tools? sub menu item..
   As a matter of fact, OA32Tools.exe was located at  ?OA32_Tools? folder rather than ?OA32Tools? folder. (the difference was the underline)
   Therefore I renamed ?OA32_Tools?   folder to ?OA32Tools? and it worked.
   I thought other end users may encounter the same situation, so I posted it here.

P.S. In oder to make  OA32Tools full functional, the user has to manually create COMView and OLEView sub-folders in Masm32 folder, then copy the  COMView.exe and  OLEView.exe to these sub-folders respectively. Since, as far as I know, this is not explained in the documentation yet,  newbies may be confused. As for my personal opinion, it would be better to add this to the documentation.

Posted on 2006-11-05 19:58:46 by guidry
Will be added. Thanks!

Posted on 2006-11-05 23:51:49 by Biterider