Many Custom Controls got posted over time by the busy members of this community. Here is a detailled list of what is available to this date:

HiEdit A Multitabbed Edit Control.
RAEdit A full featured code editor control.
AniGif An Animated Gif Control.
CodeComplete A search while type Listbox/Edit Control.
DrawProgress A WinRar look alike Progress Bar.
FileBrowser A compact Filebrowser.
GradProgress Gradient Progress Bar.
HLink Hyperlink Control.
MenuButton A Button with attached Drop down Menu.
RAGraph Graphical Display of 2D Bars.
RAVideo A Video player custom control.
SpreadSheet An Excell Like Spreadsheet Control.
WebBrowser A internet browser control.
TabControl A single line Tab Control
Calendar Control A Calendar.
Masked Edit Control An edit control allowing masked input.

If you would like to add your control to this list please reply below. Please post questions to any of these controls in a new thread.
Posted on 2006-11-15 18:18:56 by JimmyClif