Hi all,

HiEditor V1.0.1.4 has been uploaded on http://www.winasm.net What's new:

-Search Engine of the underlying HiEdit control has been significantly improved

-Find & Replace is now one menu item

-Find Dialog:
-HiEdit controls are now used for search and replace strings, so that you can now search for/replace multiline text that includes ANY character (TAB,RETURN,NUL etc etc) - Thanks Jupiter
-New option: Find all searches for all occurences of the search string and displays the results on a list (double click on the list to go to the desired location)
-info is displayed with the search/replace results (Thanks Jupiter, Ghirai)
-Replacing a string with nothing could crash HiEditor; fixed
-Replace All replaces all and not just up or down (i.e. Direction Up or down is NOT taken into account)
-Overall behavior of the Find dialog is considerably improved

-Changing Windows appearance properties on the fly is reflected instantly

-On the 'Options' dialog, charset and fonts combobox are higher now (Thanks Jupiter)

-Overall behavior of the Undo / Redo dialogs are considerably improved

-Sample HiEdit on Options dialog is a bit higher now

-A silly bug regarding Print option has been fixed

-last but not least, the underlying HiEdit control has been dramatically improved; I 'll release the new static library, new dll and the new demo application soon.


Posted on 2006-11-21 12:06:52 by akyprian