hi @all

can your help me?
i search a masm32 source example for get all item texts of treeView in other application

thanks in forward

Posted on 2006-11-30 13:46:31 by BelCoder
This is not so easy, you must open the process using OpenProcess api, allocate a page of memory in (VirtualAllocEx), fill the TVITEM structure and write it to other process using WriteProcessMemory.
Then you can safely call SendMessage(TVM_GETITEM) passing the remote memory pointer instead your local structure.
Note: all members of TVITEM must be valid in context of other process address space (use the memory pointer returned from VirtualAllocEx)
So TVITEM.pszText you can set to remote_memory + sizeof(TVITEM), but never to &my_local_buffer.

Now after SendMessage, you can read item string by calling ReadProcessMemory back to your buffer.
As next hange treeview item handle in TVITEM struct, and write the structure againt to other process, call SendMessage...
Finally free the memory (VirtualFreeEx) and close process handle.
Posted on 2006-12-01 10:25:01 by sapero

i hav a syslistview example can you help me to convert a treeview?

thx belcoder
Posted on 2006-12-01 10:37:50 by BelCoder
BelCoder: just about all your posts on this forum seem to be pretty ho-humm and at the edge of what allowed by The Rules. You also seem to pretty much want people to spoon-feed you.

So... what's the deal?
Posted on 2006-12-01 18:26:22 by f0dder
hi fodder  :D

without feed you can?t go the same like me.
aud when someone have a problem and i`m able to help-i do it and send also the sourcecode of it.
i`m a beginner and i`ve to learn pretty much. i`m thankfull for the feed in this forum - thank you!

the deal is i send my source ;)

Posted on 2006-12-03 11:02:57 by BelCoder