Hi all,

I decided to release the full source code of the MiniDBG Add-In for educational purposes. MiniDBG is an Add-In that adds debugging capabilities to WinAsm Studio. You can easily convert it to a standalone executable debugger and/or learn a lot from the source provided. Do not hesitate to ask anything you don't understand.

Some of its features:

-Mutithreaded applications can be debugged
-Active Thread is displayed on the threads list
-Registers and segment registers are shown
-DWORD at EIP is shown
-Log window
-Loaded Modules and Process Threads are displayed.
-Last error displayed
-Flags are displayed
-Modify Registers/flags by double clicking on them.
-Access Violation: You can handle the exception or pass the exception to the program being debugged

etc etc



You can find it in the Add-Ins forum at http://www.winasm.net
Posted on 2006-12-01 13:58:41 by akyprian