What?s new?

- Method calling macros now support real4 floating point format.
- 2 new debug macros to visualize internal VMTs: DbgIMT and DbgSMT.
- Collection object extended with 2 new iteration methods for negative logic.
- Chevron automatic menus for Rebars using XMenu.
- Extended COM support.
- Standard Dispatch Interfaces placed in COM_Interfaces_Disp.inc file.
- Speed optimization of existing COM interfaces.
- New implementation of the following COM interfaces:

  • IPropertyPage

  • IPropertyPage2

  • ISpecifyPropertyPages

  • ICategorizeProperties

  • IPerPropertyBrowsing

  • IPropertyNotifySink

  • ISupportErrorInfo

- Complete OCX example ? LED.
- 3 new procedures added toObjMem32 library:

  • SysShutdown

  • SysStandby

  • SetPrivilegeToken

   Please recompile the library to use these procedures.
- Object compilation batch file works again on Win9x systems.

Many thanks to K. Liebenau (aka Obivan) for his support, new ideas and source code.

Note: since some of the base objects have been changed, please recompile all your objects to update them. Use the MakeObjs.bat file in the Code\Objects directory.

This update is available from the ObjAsm32.tripod.com and ObjAsm32.rantx.com Hosts using the ObjAsm32\Projects\OA32_Updater\OA32_Updater.exe file.


Posted on 2006-12-21 13:02:03 by Biterider