After about 32 years that I desire (and need) it, I finally bought an oscilloscope, and due to space problems and because I don't like to waste my money, it had to be the one I really needed, not just "an oscilloscope" (one of the reasons why I procrastinated this purchase for so long).

So, ladies and gentlemans, this is the little beast!

I hope the courier rings my door bell soon. :shock: 8) :lol: :) :P :D :O ;)

Now I'm finally getting into serious hardware development..

PS: yes, I was really going to buy a Tektronix TDS2024B.. but I don't need it anymore. :D
I will miss the 2GS/s vs 1GS/s, but I will enjoy the 25K sample length vs the 2.5K for sure. For debugging lengthy serial protocols it's truly nice!

No electronics lab should miss a serious DSO like this!

Sure, if I had 100K US$ to spend, there are more powerful models. But this has an incredible bang for the buck.  :thumbsup:
Posted on 2006-12-22 01:35:39 by Maverick
Nice :)

But I assume you won't be able to debug proprietary high-speed memory buses with it? :P
Posted on 2006-12-22 05:34:23 by f0dder

Nice :)

But I assume you won't be able to debug proprietary high-speed memory buses with it? :P

As long as it's under 200MHz then you can view 4 waveforms at once, and reverse engineer proprietary protocols (but I want to design my own stuff).
Anyway, the nice thing is that when you have a decent oscilloscope you can build your own high speed digital devices. For example, the first thing I will design (instead of buying it) will be a 144 inputs high speed high depth logic analyzer, for which I already got the chips (for free, as TI samples :P ).
Then I will make a signal generator (already got the high speed DAC and memory for it, read above :P ) and also some digital oscilloscopes, although the latter ones won't be as performing as the GDS-2204 (the fastest AD converter I found is 500 MS/S. While I could pair two with the clk out of phase and make it 1GS/S, or more for higher throughput, I don't have a fast enough FPGA for it anyway, so.. but if I get a fast enough FPGA (expensive..) I will try to build a several GS/S DSO anyway).
Posted on 2006-12-23 01:27:22 by Maverick

After about 32 years that I desire (and need) it....

sheessshh... i never know you're that old, Mav :P
congrats anyway.
under 200MHz? still suporior than my workshop's.
high speed logic analyzer? wiretapping buses? looks good :D

as for debugging memory buses, for ex. motherboard, i still prefer replace the chip itself, instead seeking where the problem is.


Posted on 2006-12-25 22:49:24 by dion
Hi dion :) yes, I'm an old fart, I have already a daughter (our beautiful Sara) and in May I'll have a son too, so I need to train myself much in microelectronics, because we will call him Yuri, like the great Gagarin.. and he'll need all these hi-tek stuff to go in space (I already know he'll be an astronaut :D ).

By the way, there's a little new about the oscilloscope: the info the distributor/seller gave me on the GDS-2204 was shamefully false, so I cancelled the order and got the vastly superior TDS-2024B in the end.

Here's the little, magic beast:


I want it to arrive NOW! :)

Take care!
Posted on 2006-12-28 02:43:25 by Maverick