does any one know something about VME algorithm(http://www.meganet.com) . ? maybe someone has the algrothim ?


Posted on 2001-12-26 12:22:49 by eko
I wouldn't bother, its already been panned by experts in the business.
Posted on 2001-12-26 15:35:24 by peterverstappen
Sounds like a algo that all it does is generate some random data, and use the generated data to encrypt the source data.

Much like the simple encryption procs in the masm32.lib library.

That would be how you get a 1 million bit key. Its not completly secure as it states, cause the random number generator takes a fixed length seed, and no random number generator generates completly random numbers.

Also if the same key/seed and therefore the same random data is used to encrypt more than two sources the encryption becomes increasing easiler to break.
Posted on 2002-01-07 03:51:54 by huh
Didn't bother looking much at that URL. Too much fancyness, and
there weren't hard to-the-point facts within two clicks. Trust in
OPEN algorithms, my friend. And trust cryptanalysts over hutch ;).
Posted on 2002-01-07 05:11:13 by f0dder
Another limpid block cypher man. :tongue:


Posted on 2002-01-07 05:26:36 by hutch--
block cipher =)
or is cypher also used ?
Posted on 2002-01-07 12:17:26 by roy