I've been fairly busy in RL due to my mom visiting me from the old world ;) (I'm a US immigrant) and she gave me my Christmas present early ;)

An Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 with 2GB of Ram, a Geforce 7900 and a brand new 19'' Flatscreen from NEC. Oblivion sure looks very nice when all settings are set on high. :mrgreen:

So, anyway...

Merry Christmas to all of you. Enjoy the food, the beverages and the family gatherings.

Posted on 2006-12-22 11:54:41 by JimmyClif
You BASTARD! - and congrats :D

Personally I'd have sacrificed a bit on the GPU and went a notch higher on the CPU (if possible), but sure isn't a bad machine. Enjoy!

As for the food - I need a hefty diet in the new year. For the past week (or two?) there's been tonnes of free candy and coke at work... we've need the sugar, but still - ugh >_<
Posted on 2006-12-22 16:58:36 by f0dder
Merry Christmas!! Awww I can't wait for Christmas and New year to come. I love the festive seasons.

Wow your mum sure knows the best gift to give to you. ;) It's always good to spend time with your new toy.
Posted on 2006-12-22 20:43:42 by roticv
Last month, I couldn't wait for Christmas and got myself something similar as what Jimmy described. Quite a difference with the old P3-550 and 15-inch monitor which I had purchased some 8 years ago!!! 8)

I also wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

And I hope that none of the members of this board get offended by this season's greeting, like some of the idiot politicians in this world.

Posted on 2006-12-22 21:31:40 by Raymond
Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!
Posted on 2006-12-23 02:02:12 by arafel
ms Merry and mr Happy ^^ ;)
Posted on 2006-12-23 02:14:13 by ti_mo_n
Christmas and Jesus were invented by Coca-Cola (TM) as part of the whole Santa Claus conspiracy thing.

Anyway, there's a lot of frozen turkey dumped on our market this time of year, and the beer's flowing like a river..

There's always an upside :)
Posted on 2006-12-23 06:24:14 by Homer
Hi guys
This is a good time to take a minute to see want happened the last months, what we have done, wrong and good things beyond material things.
In this sense I wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Best regards,

Posted on 2006-12-23 07:14:20 by Biterider
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you guys and girls

Santa Claus was brought to the world by the DUTCH people.
We call it here "Sinterklaas" and celebrate it ( 5th December )
for ages now, long before COCA - COLA was invented.  :D

here's a picture:

Posted on 2006-12-24 04:02:25 by Siekmanski
Merry christmas to everyone and happy new year. What is everyone's new year's resolution?

Mine is 1024*768!
Posted on 2006-12-24 05:08:10 by XCHG
Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year, too!  :D
Posted on 2006-12-24 09:31:17 by Nordwind64
Merry xmas, everybody!
Posted on 2006-12-24 14:28:13 by f0dder

Merry christmas to everyone and happy new year. What is everyone's new year's resolution?

Mine is 1024*768!

I love it!  :lol:

I'd like one of those massive 2560x1600 LCD behemoths like some of the guys had where I worked these past two terms, but there's no way that I could possibly afford it (something like $2K-$3K, plus the graphics card to run it well).  I'll stick to 1600x1200 CRT for my desktop and 1280x800 for my laptop.

Merry christmas dudes.
Posted on 2006-12-24 23:57:15 by hackulous
Merry xmas all
Posted on 2006-12-25 05:16:49 by lone_samurai5
I get on quite fine with 2x1280x1024 - I'd much rather have two smaller monitors than one large.
Posted on 2006-12-25 09:19:20 by f0dder
Definitely 1600x1200 CRT for me, though I would like another one of em. Happy Holidays to Everyone :P.
Posted on 2006-12-25 10:30:23 by Jeronimo0d0a

I get on quite fine with 2x1280x1024 - I'd much rather have two smaller monitors than one large.

Good point, the split isn't much of an issue for coding, especially assembly (since the lines aren't as long).  However, the split is a big issue for some games (not that I play many games) and more importantly for circuit designers.  On the other hand, the big monitors have the issue that they're so big that some of it is significantly farther away from you than the rest of it, so one guy came up with the suggestion of a rounded monitor, like an Omnimax theatre thing, which could be pretty cool  8)
Posted on 2006-12-25 10:51:10 by hackulous
I actually consider the split a bonus - I can maximize my coding environment to one screen, keep things like msn/irc/api reference/filebrowser on the other. If I do occasionally play a game, the game runs on one monitor, and I can have other stuff running on the secondary. Really great stuff :)
Posted on 2006-12-25 11:10:00 by f0dder
Running @ 1440x900 here.

Have a fun holidays ;)
Posted on 2006-12-25 22:29:11 by SpooK
1280x1024 Only Resolution my screen supports. Looks very neat though, better than my CRT ever did.

So.... What did everyone score?

I got:

...some new Hockey Skates (as I live on a pond which freezes over in Winter)
...the previously mentionned computer
...a GPS System "Magellan Roadmate 360" for my 15 year old car :lol:
...some Pyjamas
...a Car Battery Jump Starter ?wtf? (from the Mother in Law)

Posted on 2006-12-27 09:26:00 by JimmyClif