Hi all,

Santa has arrived a bit earlier on http://www.winasm.net this year! He brought HiEditor V1.0.1.5!  :P

What's new
1.True and apparent speed when loading multiple files has dramatically increased
Open File dialog's title is "Open Files" now. So is the tooltip for opening files.

2.New option: 'Close All' on File menu/Right click menu on any file name.

3.Multiple undo/redo at a time from the drop down list significanlty faster

4.Selecting New File was not reflected on the toolbar buttons;fixed

5.On the options dialog, you can edit the Open/Save filter strings now (Thanks blues)

6.Even faster startup

7.A very minor issue with the caret fixed

8.Middle click on a tab item closes the corresponding file ***WITHOUT*** asking to save changes (ala firefox)

9.Ctrl+F while Find dialog is open fills the Find What edit with the current selection (if any)

10.New option "All Files" to Search & Replace for all currently opened files (Thanks Phoenix)

11.Better display of the results when Find All is used

12.If file information (count/order) has changed after 'Find All', the results are cleared when the Find dialog becomes the foreground window.

13.'occurrence' spelling mistake fixed and occurrence/occurrences and replacement/replacements used where appropriate (Thanks IanB)

Enjoy and may the new year be happy for you and your families,

Posted on 2006-12-26 13:18:09 by akyprian