Hi Biterider,

If I want to create a reusable object, it should have a unique ID.
I can see the IDs already in use in ObjAsm32.
But in what range should I choose my unique object IDs best?
Is there a range you certainly will not be using in the future?

Do these IDs interfere with control IDs?

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Posted on 2006-12-27 10:08:49 by mdevries
Hi mdevries
The Object ID is a sort of class identifier (dword) that is used in a straightforward way to identify an object instance. It is used mainly when you put an object into a stream and then get it back. For other uses it is not necessary at all.

The range I have reserved for ?system objects? is from 0 to 80000000h, while zero means no identifier. When you compile your project, all IDs are checked to avoid repetitions. The only one allowed to be repeated is the zero.

These IDs are located near the object template and serves only for the purpose explained above. There is no relation to the control IDs, which must be unique for each instance.

Finally, I recommend not using the ObjIDs.inc file to place your IDs, since it will be overwritten in future releases.


Posted on 2006-12-27 11:09:08 by Biterider
Thanks for explaining.

I thought I'd seen 80000000h in this context before.
But I couldn't find it anymore. So, I thought, I'ld better ask.

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Posted on 2006-12-27 11:24:35 by mdevries