Hello !

I am new in assembly coding (MASM32 with RadAsm).

What i need to know ... is this DLL correct ? Did i forgot something ?

Any suggestions ?

Please help me, 'cause i can't test the DLL.

A ZIP-file with the full sourcecode, library, definition, etc. is attached !

You can use it for free :D

Posted on 2006-12-27 13:55:10 by FairLight
Looks correct. Where did you get it from?
Posted on 2006-12-27 14:28:31 by JimmyClif
I took it from there ... see file attached. In the help section there are some algorithms i wanted to have them in a dll maybe for later reuse ! Thought i could put all algorithms of the whole world into one dll, so that anyone can use them in their own programs if needed. Need more :D ... /MASM32/m32lib/... <<<<------- there are some more algorithms .... :D

Posted on 2006-12-28 01:14:16 by FairLight
Thanks for the link. As a matter of fact I was looking for that specific sorting demo a little while ago.
Posted on 2006-12-28 06:02:34 by JimmyClif
"Looks correct. Where did you get it from?"

I have written the DLL ... with the help of a few tutorials around ...



Maybe of interest for some people ?

Is anyone here who could post some more information about DLL-programming ?
('cause the internet lacks of tutorials about it)


(a DLL-tutorial with sourcecode is attached)
Posted on 2006-12-28 10:31:33 by FairLight
Iczelion has written a DLL tutorial here: http://spiff.tripnet.se/~iczelion/tut17.html
Posted on 2006-12-28 10:39:45 by JimmyClif
oh ... the Iczelion-tutorials ... i forgot ...  :P

Thanx !

The german version can be found here:


especially the DLL-tutorial in german:


Posted on 2006-12-28 11:00:54 by FairLight