This is a section of my code that is having problems. Im just trying to get this jump to work. I am getting error A2075 jump destination too far. Its too far because my array is rather large, so i cannot simply make shorten the distance of the jump.. is the any way around this?
            cmp edi, esi
je ID
mov Array,1

Posted on 2007-01-10 14:25:13 by maxniall
Which assembler? (probably MASM, but which version?)

Try rewriting it to "je near ID" - shouldn't be necessary with recent assembler versions, but might fix it for you.

Do you have your array between the "je" and "ID:"? It's not too good mixing code and data, especially not data that's written to.
Posted on 2007-01-10 16:52:31 by f0dder
I agree with f0dder. I know NASM treats conditional jump codes as "short" and throws out a warning if you are trying to jump to a label out of the +/-128 range. A "near" is required to override this default.

I've always appreciated this function of NASM, as it lets me know if my routines are getting bulky and need redesign ;)
Posted on 2007-01-10 20:48:16 by SpooK
I prefer automatic jump size optimization, or defaulting to near if there's no optimization... decent assemblers have JSO, but of course lets you specify "near" and "short" where you need either (including recent NASM version).

Still gives you control where you need it, doesn't bomb out and require you to fix source in cases where you don't care, and gives small code automatically :)
Posted on 2007-01-10 20:57:29 by f0dder
I used to encounter this with TASM, but I learned to make the 'near' or even 'far' jump since mine doesn't optimize well. It tries its best, but.... I definitely think code and data should not be mixed, and as the program grows, this becomes more important to the point where even different types of data may need to be separated.
Posted on 2007-01-11 09:37:15 by Jeronimo0d0a
I used to encounter this with TASM

Try using the newest version ;)
Posted on 2007-01-12 12:16:46 by ti_mo_n
Here is a more complete section of the code:

mov esi, 0
mov currentRow, esi ;current row count

mov edi, 0
mov currentCol, edi ;current col count

mov ecx, ROWS ;outer loop count
push ecx
mov ecx, COLS ;inner loop count

mov eax, COLS
mov ebx, currentRow
mul ebx

mov ebx, OFFSET Array
add ebx, eax

mov edx, currentCol

cmp ecx, ROWS
jbe skip

mov Array,1

mov eax, array
call writeint

mov saveVal, edx
mov EDX, OFFSET skipnot
Call writestring
mov edx, saveVal
jmp skip2

cmp edi, esi
je near ID
mov Array,1

mov EDX, OFFSET skipwork
Call writestring

add edi, 4 ;increments the counter by 4
mov currentCol, edi

call CRLF
loop L2

pop ecx
add esi, 4
loop L1

Alright, putting the near in there didnt work. I dont know what the problem is. sorry guys im a n00b and havent developed any debugging/coding skills in ASM.

I appreciate all the responses you guys are awesome.
Posted on 2007-01-12 14:19:37 by maxniall
cmp edi, esi
  je near ID

I had a peek at the debugger on my own assembler, which has an override for out of range jumps

ifz-jmp ID

which translates as:

3003 jnz 3008
3005 jmp 100      ;<--to position of ID
3008 etc

It looks like you need to figure out a way to call it a jmp instead of je.

Posted on 2007-01-13 05:44:26 by eek
So I suppose if you do a local test jump to the jmp it might be ok

cmp edi, esi
   je near ID

could become:

cmp edi,esi
je NewName
jmp ID

kinda thing
Posted on 2007-01-13 06:19:08 by eek