hi all...
i'm new in asm code, and sometimes i stop in litle things (for me big things...lol)
i use SetDlgitemText to change the text in button every time i click (Alternate between 'show' and 'hide')
and wath i need is wen i click, if text = 'show' make one action and if = 'hide' other...

i think my prob is seting the buffer for the getdlgitemtext...

can someone give me an example or a link with specific tut...

tkx bye

Posted on 2007-01-21 13:28:33 by 5k3l3t0r
Are you using MASM?

If you are, then include masm32.lib and masm32.inc

Use the function szCmp to compare between your buffer and 2 strings ('hide' and 'show')

Or you can compare character by character, ie

cmp byte ptr,'h'
jnz @F
cmp byte ptr,'i'
jnz @F
cmp byte ptr,'d'
jnz @F
cmp byte ptr,'e'
jnz @F
cmp byte ptr,0
jnz @F
;do something
Posted on 2007-01-21 18:45:10 by roticv
Or you can use the "StrCmpI" function from SHLWAPI.DLL .
Posted on 2007-01-21 18:54:00 by f0dder