I've been trying to create a program that creates a icon in the taskbar not in the systray but like a the quicklaunch toolbar, a Deskband. First i tried to create a window in Shell_TrayWnd and resize the rebar window but i got some big problems so now i have thought about doing a deskband but i don't know what a com object is and how it works i've tried to read some documents in MSDN but i don't understand C++ or C :S. Is there anyone who knows how to do this toolbar window i a deskband object?
Posted on 2007-01-23 12:31:50 by lilljocke
iirc it's impossible to do this without COM objects. You'll have to learn what these are, or at least learn how to utilize them. Start by reading some simple asm tutorials on COM.
Posted on 2007-01-23 13:08:11 by ti_mo_n
Thanks for the answer i have read some about COM om this site now http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/ernies_world/a.htm
but i don't find any code to test it would be nice to have any template or something like that.
Posted on 2007-01-24 00:46:19 by lilljocke