Hey all, long time no c. Ok, last time i posted i was very conserned about the Rebar... but now i have a possible way to get around all the GUI recreation in my app so it looks like EXPLORER, namely SHELL EXTENSIONS!! :alright:

That means i would have to program it in COM assembler (uh-oh).
I have got the basic layout of how a shell extension works done but the coding is BADASS. :(

So here is the deal, i need an EDUCATIONAL example on how to impliment a Shell Extension with the purose of accessing archives whithin the shell namespace.(Using a rooted explorer command).

I have the following interfaces coded, :grin: (IShellFolder,IPersistFolder,IPersist & IShellView), but obviously i do not know if the extension will work cause i can not run it before i think it is complete.

I am using a C++ example to code from, CABVIEW, but as stated before i do not know how sound is my code. :confused:

So ANYONE with the know how and the time can U please RELEASE a TUT on "IMPLIMENTING A SHELL EXTENSION, WITH THE PURPOSE OF ARCHIVE MANUPILATION". As far as i am consirned the example does not have to archive or support any current format, but it can say copy a list of files and store then in one file with a TOC attached at the beginning - it's all up to u.
Posted on 2001-12-27 04:00:22 by Black iCE