i don't where to post this :D

anyway, what you guys used to program in c for 68k processor?
any good compiler? with rich lib?

Posted on 2007-02-02 20:23:34 by dion
I would guess there's a GCC port for 68k - or rather, I'd be surprised if there isn't :]. As for library, that'll depend on not just the CPU, but the OS you're intending to run on it as well the rest of the system.
Posted on 2007-02-03 01:28:54 by f0dder
There's a build of GCC3.4 for 68k-compilation, you just need to register.
I've been using 68k-palmos-gcc, but only for making bootloaders.
Finding GCC4.1 would be a better choice, as it has better optimization, yet I barely found one for ARM code. But the 4.1 libraries/objects are not backwards-compatible with libs, generated for GCC3.4.

afaik, your only other option would be the Mac developers' beloved CodeWarrior (it's commercial), which I quickly abandoned despite my company's requirement to use it.
Posted on 2007-02-03 07:05:41 by Ultrano
thanks :]
Posted on 2007-02-06 00:36:51 by dion