Win32ASM Community messageboard, vintage 2001 :lol:

You can even visit some old posts, like so... :!:
Posted on 2007-02-02 21:17:27 by SpooK
Yeah, I still have a .chm with BitRake's MMX mini-tutorial (See the attachment) ^^
I can't believe I didn't know MMX xD Feels like ages ago ^^
Posted on 2007-02-03 00:28:19 by ti_mo_n
wow even the images are archived.
It really is ages ago for me, around that date was my first visit to the forum :D (I started reading it as a guest for a year until I registered)

I had forgotten this signature of Hiro's. lol
Posted on 2007-02-03 07:17:54 by Ultrano